Podcast Episodes

Clarence Darrow and the Bombing of the Los Angeles Times HHLA1

Clarence Darrow is probably best known as being the attorney in the Scopes Monkey Trial. But what is lesser known is that he represented two brothers accused of bombing the L.A. Times building in 1910 before Darrow himself was put on trial for allegedly bribing a juror.

Azusa Street Revival HHLA2

Pentacostalism is a movement within Christianity which today has hundreds of millions of followers around the globe. But what is lessor known is that the modern day Pentacostal movement traces its origins back to a street in the Little Tokyo section of Downtown Los Angeles. 

Chinatown Massacre HHLA3

In 1871, approximately 500 Los Angeles residents, almost one tenth of the city's population, laid siege to L.A.'s original Chinatown and lynched 18 Chinese immigrants, making it the largest incident of mass lynching in American history. 

L.A.'s Original Name HHLA4

Everybody knows that the name Los Angeles is Spanish in origin. But what is lessor known is that there is no agreement as to what the original name given to Los Angeles by its founders was back in 1781. This episode explores the debate over LA's original name. 

St. Francis Dam Disaster HHLA5

Everyone has heard the story of Los Angeles stealing water. But what is lesser known is that a dam that was built to store water from the Owens Valley collapsed in 1928 resulting in the death of at least 600 people. 

Origin of the name "Echo Park." HHLA6

Echo Park is the name of a park and lake as well as the neighborhood which surrounds it just north of downtown Los Angeles. This edpisode looks into the origin of the name "Echo Park."

Podcast Episodes

Shooting of William Warren HHLA7

In 1870, L.A.'s City Marshall, William Warren, was shot and killed, making him the first regularly employed L.A.P.D. officer to be killed in the line of duty. But Warren wasn't killed tryng to stop a crime. Instead, he was killed by another L.A.P.D. officer in connection with a dispute over a reward for recovering a runaway Chinese prostitute. This podcast tells the story of the shooting of William Warren. 

Downey Block HHLA8

This episode tells the story behind a bizarre auction that occurred in downtown Los Angeles during the 1850s.

Two Stories of the California Dream HHLA9

This episode explores two stories of the California Dream - a murder mystery and a mythical tale. 

Naming Azusa and Pasadena HHLA10

This episode discusses the origin of the names Azusa and Pasadena. 

Toypurina HHLA11

In 1785, a group of Native Americans revolted against the Spanish at Mission San Gabriel. This episode tells the story of one of the members of the rebellion named Toypurina. 

Clifford Clinton HHLA12

During the 1930s, a cafeteria owner named Clifford Clinton began an unlikely crusade against corruption in Los Angeles. This episode tells the story of Clifford Clinton. 

Podcast Episodes

L.A.'s Never Built Freeways HHLA13

This episode explores the history of L.A.'s never built freeways. 

Battlefield Los Angeles HHLA14

This episode explores some of the times where Los Angeles has served as a battlefield. 

Mayor Foster HHLA15

This episode discusses an incident in 1855, when Los Angeles Mayor Stephen C. Foster took the law into his own hands. 

L.A.'s Oldest and Newest Freeways HHLA16

This episode discusses the oldest and newest freeways in Los Angeles and what they tell us about the city. 

Colonel Griffith HHLA17

This episode explores the story behind the namesake for Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory, Colonel Griffith J. Griffith. 

Terrorism in Los Angeles HHLA18

Today, terrorism is a major concern in Los Angeles. But many Angelenos would likely be surprised to learn that L.A. has, in decades past, been the target of multiple terrorist attacks.